Geno Maurillo

Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting my website. We live in critical times and so many of us suffer from emotional and physical setbacks, stressful life changes, witnessing a world we find hard to cope with, financial distress and more. Therefore, it has been my aspiration each day for years to assist and support all life on our planet.

Back in 2009, I discovered Reconnective Healing® (RH) after reading founder Dr. Eric Pearl’s book The Reconnection. That inspired me to take his classes in Los Angeles and to be certified as an RH practitioner at Levels I through III. Many things transpired in my life after that, with work and other activities and I didn’t have the time to work on my practice. However, in 2022, I thankfully rediscovered all of this and then became re-certified in Sedona, AZ, in November 2023 and again in San Diego, CA, in February 2024. At this point in my life, no longer needing to work a job, I’m fully into my Reconnective Healing business. I access the RH frequencies every day and would love to join with them in either a remote or in-person session.  

Here are some additional trainings I’ve taken that I feel have led me to today's full spectrum, which is reconnective healing:

NLP Marin’s Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner certification

Joe Dispenza Intensive and Progressive training courses

Will Tuttle’s World Peace Diet: Facilitator Certification

Mike Dooley, Law of Attraction studies

Graduates of the EST training and The Forum

Ernest Holmes Science of Mind training

Course in Miracles training

Completed 2-year program in Tai Chi at Taoist Sanctuary/San Diego

13 years of affiliation with the San Francisco Brahma Kumaris meditation organization

East Bay Academy of Nonviolent Studies certification (Oakland, Ca)

Brendon Burchard national speaker; multiple motivational courses

Vegan social activist working with numerous animal advocacy groups

Plus, many other courses and conferences, all to expand my quantum, spiritual, social, and intellectual knowledge. 

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